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at SFO leaving for Osaka                                                   in Osaka with rail passes                                                waiting for bullet train

                                                                                   at Kenrokoen Garden in Okayama


Okayama Castle                                                Man hole cover                                            Diner in Chinese Restaurant 



                 at Peace Park in Hiroshima


above and below is Shukkein Garden in Hiroshima


above and below;  on Miyajima enjoying eysters and treated to dance for wedding party / lower right is garden in craft museum


climbing up to and visiting Bitchu Matsuyama Castle in Takahashi


samurai houses in Takahashi



The Shibori Museum in Arimatsu                                                                                            vvvvvvvvThe Miho Museum

at the Yuzen Textile Center


garden at Nijo Castle                                    garden at Heian Shrine                                        guides with locals at Frueaikan craft festival


feeding the sacred deer in Nara                                    Kasuga Taisha in Nara


                                                                                         Byodoin in Uji


photos above and that follow are of our show and tell night where guests describe what they found in the flea market at Toji Temple








above and below:  our visit to Orinasukan




our visit to the Shibori Museum


                        Hakone Glass Forest


Hakone Outdoor Museum                                                         Fujiya hotel and garden


Entrance to Kubota Museum                    The following 10 photos were captured during our visit to the Tokyo-Edo Outdoor Museum


                     above and below:   our fabulous sayonara diner


our monorail ride on departure day


Guide Jerry with his "follow me flag"             Guide Carol in a fire coat at Aizenkobo                          at the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum