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Japanese Antiques and Collectables

Our inventory consists of a wide variety of Japanese antiques and collectibles including gold-leaf screens, kyodai (mirrored chests) and hibachi.  Some of these antiques are from the Meiji era (1868-1910); some are collectibles from the Taisho (1910-1929) or early Showa (1929-1990)eras.  

Each of our Japanese dolls, antiques and collectibles were hand selected while we lived in Japan and were culled from collections and markets throughout the country.  You can pick out your own dolls, antiques and collectibles by joining one of our JAPAN TOUR.    On our Japan tours, we still find lots of antiques and collectibles at bargain prices.  If you join one of our Japanese tours we will take you to the best markets and antique shopping streets and help you acquire your own treasures for your collection.

 Japan  d318.jpg (11051 bytes)

Sake- 20  (above left): antique, grey glaze, blue design, 10.5 in tall, 6.5 in diameter.  Cost $80

     Red red lacquer box D318 (above right) with raised figure of dragon above waves D318.  Size 5.625 in wide, 15 in long, 1.75 in deep.   SOLD

Lower left D227 - antique, ceramic hibachi - 10.75 in tall, 14.25 in diameter.  Price $350

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Upper right  D230 - rice measure with handles on opposing sides, some small konji stamped one side as shown and one small konji stamped into other side. Height is 12.5 inches.   Diameter is also 12.5 inches.  Price $165

quilting  hibachi

Upper left and right D235 - equisite, antique, wood sumie (writing) box with three drawers and lid that opens as shown - width 9.5 inches, length 14.625 inches, height 11.5 inches.  This is the only one we have or have ever offered for sale.  Price $850


Lower from left to right are miniatures where you can compare wine bottle corks to get relative size

D325 (lower left)  is a 2.75 in tall food cart with tree priced at $50

        D326 (lower right)  is a 5.625 n tall gate priced at $40

 d325.jpg (12224 bytes) d326.jpg (14135 bytes)