BIO:  Carol Lane-Saber is a registered nurse, lawyer, and retired criminal court judge (Houston) who has worked with textiles since childhood.   In her teens she was a 4-H Club sewing champion.  Her career as a professional fiber artist began when she founded "Carol Lane & Company", a high fashion wholesale clothing line featuring wearable art that was sold to stores at the Dallas, Los Angeles and New York markets.  She is an eight time Fairfield Fashion Show designer and has participated in numerous other invitational exhibitions throughout the United States.  In 1985 she went to Japan to study Japanese textile dyeing and painting.   There she met her husband, Jerry Saber and lived in that country for several years, studying and collecting all forms of Japanese textiles.  Now, she and Jerry have a "retirement" business, selling Japanese textiles and artifacts, leading tours to Japan and teaching textile arts to others.

LECTURE: Japanese Textiles in Western Garments and Quilts:  Explore the possibilities of enhancing your garments and quilts with Japanese textiles.  Using silk, cottons, brocades, ikats (kasuri) and tie-dyed (shibori) materials, Carol has fashioned inspiring items of clothing, quilts, and wall hangings that will spur your creative imagination.  You will be able to handle the fabrics shown to see for yourself how lovely they are and how easily they can be transformed into items for Western use.

LECTURE:  History and Development of Japanese Textiles:  Understanding Japanese textiles and their unique characteristics adds to the enjoyment of incorporating these beautiful fabrics in your designs.  Carol will explain the techniques used to create these beautiful textiles from Japan and will display rare textiles from her museum quality collection.  This is your opportunity to have a "hands on" experience with fabrics that are becoming difficult to find or textile techniques that are no more.

LECTURE: Embellish, Embellish, Embellish!   Using her many Fairfield Fashion Show garments plus other competition creations, Carol will guide you through the process of embellishing your own clothing and quilts, describing how each type of embellishment was achieved.  Embroidery, beading, dyeing, couching, off-loom weaving, recycling and fabric origami are just some of the techniques that will be discussed.

LECTURE AND/OR WORKSHOP:  Fabric Origami, the art of manipulating fabric into the third dimension.  The art of folding paper into various shapes has been perfected in Japan over a period of 400 years.  Gradually the art form has spread around the world.  Now, textile artists are beginning to utilize these techniques with folded cloth.
Carol has prepared a booklet  to aid in making some of these origami shapes that she has found are easily applied to quilts and wall hangings.  This booklet will be available ($5.00) for purchase so that you can have a guide to  aid you in creating the shapes that will be shown.  Carol will also present many other three dimensional fabric techniques and display her three dimensional quilts.   Samples follow:

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WORKSHOP:  Shibori (tie-dyeing) Techniques:  The Japanese art of folding, twisting, gathering, knotting and crimping fabric prior to dyeing it has long fascinated Western textile artists.  These techniques will be shared and you will experiment in creating these beautiful fabrics yourself.  Carol will supply the silk for dyeing, the dyes and all equipment needed to do the shibori techniques. A booklet on the shibori techniques will also be provided.  Kit fee: $25.00   Samples follow: 

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WORKSHOP: Fabric Origami and Shibori : Note: this is a combinaion of the two above-listed workshops.  Morning is devoted to shibori and afternoon to origami.  

WORKSHOP:  Nuno Fabric:  This is a fabric creation process combining wool, silk or soy roving with other fabrics, yarns, threads, laces and ribbons to create your own unique textile art.  Some of the fabric creation technique is done with needles, other techniques are done with wetting, rolling and mashing the fibers to blend them into new cloth.   Samples follow:

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WORKSHOP:  Fabric Collage and Manipulation:  using fabric with bold designs (mainly floral designs), cutting, pleating, gathering and other wise manipulating the fabric to either embellish an existing garment or create a new quilt, garment or wallhanging.

WORKSHOP:  Silk Organza Quilts, Wall Hangings and Garments:  Try your hand at layering silk organza to make an airy and beautiful creation.  This light, semi-transparent fabric becomes even more beautiful when layered, dyed, manipulated into shapes and combined with other fabrics to create a flowing object.from your hands.    Samples follow:

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WORKSHOP: Japanese Twill Tape Vest or Wall Hanging:   This process allows you to create a patchwork garment or wall piece by butting raw edges of fabric together and uniting them with blending colors of Japanese twill tape to make a unique work of art.   Twill tape and Japanese cottons will be provided for this workshop.   Kit fee is $45.   Samples follow:

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