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Hard to find accessories


 Japanese doll houses or palaces are called goten.       They are very hard to find!     Finding one in acceptable condition is unusual.  Finding one with all the pieces is unusual.   Finding one in perfect condition with all the pieces is extremely rare.

Interesting is that I found what I thought was a fairly new one in 1992.  It was missing some minor parts.  So, I went to the area of Tokyo which features many huge buildings where shops sell nothing but dolls, some seven stories tall with nothing but dolls.   First to help me was a a young fellow of about 20 who said he had never seen one.  He called for pop to come out of the back office.  He had never seen one either.  So, they called out grandpa who set up the business in his youth.  He remembered seeing the last one sold in his huge store about 30-35 years earlier.  So, that dated the end of production around 1957.  Incidentally, I never did find the missing parts, became trash and I learned never to buy another without ensuring it had all the pieces.  

We currently have one doll palace that is looking for a new home.

BEN HOUSE NUMBER TWO-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CONDITION: excellent...with one exception.  The gold screen at the top left is torn (please see photo.

PRICE $400 which includes the imperial pair of emperor and empress.  

SHIPPING COST depends on your location

Hagoita are wooden paddles used to play the new year hanetsuki game.   Early renditions were usually decorated with beautiful drawings.  Eventually, the game came into disuse but the hagoita took on a new life with the drawings becoming figures valued as an ornament that is believed to bring good luck.  A hagoita market is held in December on the grounds of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa which is located in Tokyo, Japan.  The event attracts 300,000 people who shop from 50 stalls that sell nothing but hagoita.  The market began around 350 years ago.   ALL of the ones that follow are classified as vintage being at least 60 years old or much older.

Top Left is L1 and it is 18 inches tall.   Price is $35...SOLD.

    Middle is L2 and it is 19 inches tall.   Price is $35...SOLD..

         Top right is L3 and it is 18 inches tall.   Price is $35...SOLD..


Top Left is L4 and it is 15.5 inches tall.   Price is $35.

    Top Right is L5 and it is 16.75 inches tall.   Price is $50 and comes with original kiri wood case with glass protector seen atop the box and below the hagoita.


Lower left is D602.   Pair of plastic lamps.  Price $10   sale pending

Lower right is D603.  Pair of lacquered wood cake tables.  Price $8

fan stands

dolls  japan

Upper left d 604.   Single laquer covered wood cake table.   Price SOLD

Upper right d605.  Single plastic cake table.   Price $2

Lower left d606 box with lid for doll furniture measures 10.25 by 5.375 by 3.875 inches.   Price $25

Lower right d607 box with sliding lid for doll furniture measures 17 by 8.7 by 5.25 inches.   Price $35

japanese d607.jpg (21139 bytes)

Japan Japanese

Upper left d608 pair of wooden lamps.    Price  SOLD

Upper right d609 pair of plastic lamps.    Price $8

d6011a.jpg (21321 bytes) d6011b.jpg (25713 bytes)

Two photos above of d611, two stands for the imperial pair where the plastic base measures 10.75 by 7.25 inches and has a second piece which is tatami cover wood giving overall height of 3.5 inches.   price $30

Lower left d613 antique wooden bow with string.   Price SOLD

Lower right d614 crown for empress.   Price $15   sale pending

d6013.jpg (13504 bytes)  d6014.jpg (22571 bytes)

d6015.jpg (19762 bytes) d6016.jpg (22533 bytes)

Upper left d615 crown for empress.   Price SOLD

Upper right d616 crown for empress.  Price $12


d6019.jpg (17780 bytes) d6020.jpg (19625 bytes)

Upper left d619 crown for empress.   SOLD

Upper right d620 crown for empress.   SOLD

Lower left d621 empress crown Price    SOLD

d6021.jpg (24711 bytes)

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