2006 Chanchanko            2509 Ohara                   2601 Long Vest/Cape/Coat    2701 Origami

    Mompe Pants (sewing pattern) 2005 shown with Chanchanko Vest and Ohara Jacket/Blouse

Pattern 2005: Mompe Pants: All remark: "These pants are the most comfor-table I’ve ever worn." They are based on Japanese field workers’ pants with addition of pockets & elastic waist. A center panel on each leg is cut slightly on the bias to create ease for bending and squatting. Adding panels in contrasting fabric or patchwork (pattern provided) & outlining seam lines of the center panels with contrasting bias tape for a decorative effect creates long, slenderizing lines. Fabric choice makes a difference in how these pants look on the body. In a flowing fabric such as silk or rayon, they move so gracefully that they appear to be a long skirt. In cotton, they are clearly pants, very loose and comfortable to wear. The pattern is sized as S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.  Cost $8

Pattern 2006: Chanchanko Vest: This Japanese styled vest was designed to give generous room for arm movement and to allow extra fabric across the chest for warmth.   It is cut to waist length in front and hip length in back to allow for ease in bending while maintaining modesty. A hemline "hanging" pocket is an included Western pattern option. Sized S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.  Cost $8

Pattern 2509: Ohara Jacket/Blouse: Pattern pieces are large and the fit is roomy which provides for versatility, comfort and easy sewing. Back yoke in this garment and the sleeve backs are all in one piece. The sleeve front/sleeve back seams are hidden in a shoulder pleat. Sides of the garment are slit to the waist (so you can easily put your hands in pants or skirt pockets) and the front pockets of the jacket are pleated to hold items comfortably without distorting the jacket’s lines. The most unusual item of this jacket is the joinder of the sleeves to the cuffs. Half of the sleeve is attached to the cuff edge; the remainder of the sleeve is hemmed and hangs loose as a graceful decorative element. Length of this pattern is below hip is designed to be worn outside a skirt or pants. The pattern includes new innovations such as a pointed back hem, inset front pockets and waist length front patch pockets . Sized   S/M, M/L, L/XL and XXL.  Cost 10

Pattern 2601: Long Vest/Cape/Coat: This is an extension of the 9601 pattern in that pattern pieces have been added to create a cape and a coat. The cape particularly garners many compliments and is very comfortable to wear. It is possible to add the cape pieces to the vest in such a way that they can be snapped off when you desire to wear only the long vest.  Sized, XXL, and XXXL.  Cost $14

Pattern 2701: Origami Jacket/Blouse: This loose garment utilizes folds of a fabric rectangle to create its shape and drape. There are two versions: (1) the triangular corners are used to make over-sleeve and front drapes; (2) the drapes are eliminated for a more casual appearance. It is very loose and flowing and works equally well as a jacket or a blouse or a knee length coat. Sized S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.   Cost $12

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