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This was Carol's collection of hardiko (bobbing head dolls).    For many years they have provided much enjoyment.    However, it is time to find new homes and yours could be one of those.

Most of the dolls are made of paper mache.    However, there are several ceramic and one made of wood.     These are identified.   You will note there are many horses, dragons, roosters, etc.   This is because these are produced in the year associated with that animal.   I happened to be a dragon and had to wait ten years after arriving in Japan before the animal associated with my year was offered for sale.   Almost all were purchased new and are in excellent condition.

To help determine the size of these kokeshi, there are two standard wine bottle corks in each photo. 

Below each photo are two numbers separated by a dash.    The first number is the identification tag (all start with a "p") of the left most doll and the second is the price and then a description or note.     If a particular doll has been sold, the number & price & note associated with that doll will be replaced a SOLD sign.          

Pick the one(s) you want AND send me an email listing the ones you desire.  I will confirm availability.

Being made of paper, these gems do not travel well.    Each must be individually packed within its own box and that box well insulated.   Consequently, we can not guarantee their safe arrival despite the careful attention to packing.

paper1.jpg (21867 bytes)

p1-$25 tiger      p2-$25 rooster       p3-$25 monkey        p4-$25 snake

 paper2.jpg (20033 bytes)

p5-$25 tiger        p6-$25 cat       p7-$25 rooster      p8-$25 dragon

paper3.jpg (21619 bytes)

p9-$25 horse     p10-$25 rabbit     sold          sold

paper4.jpg (20125 bytes)

sold       sold          sold        p16-$10 mouse

paper5.jpg (23389 bytes)

sold                   p18-$30 cat (head is fixed but paw moves)

paper6.jpg (22213 bytes)

p19-$30 samurai     p20-$20 rooseter     p21-$20 boar

paper7.jpg (18581 bytes)

 SOLD      p23-$20 old woman      p24-$15 tiger

paper8.jpg (20285 bytes)

p25-$15-old woman    p26-$25 lady w umbrella(figure to left has bobbing head)      p27-$15 lady(ms bee)         sold

paper9.jpg (18905 bytes)

p29-$20 shi-shi(lion dog)         p30$-25 monkey        p31-$20 rabbit(ms bee) 

paper10.jpg (18387 bytes)

p32-$10 snake      p33-$15 mouse       p34-$25 woman w umbrella       p35-$15 sheep

paper11.jpg (18806 bytes)

p36-$20 boar(ms bee)      sold     P38-$10 snake     p39-$10 dancer

paper12.jpg (16972 bytes)

p40-$15 ox     p41-$10 snake       sold

paper13.jpg (18244 bytes)

p43-$20 horse     p44-$10 cow       p45-$15 tiger

paper14.jpg (19242 bytes)

p46-$15 horse     p47-$10 tiger       p48-$20 dragon     p49-$20 monkey with spear

paper15.jpg (17658 bytes)

p50-$15 ceramic cat in basket     p51-$15 ceramic sailor   p52- SOLD    p53-$10 ceramic tiger

paper16.jpg (17213 bytes)

p54-$10 wood ox    p55-$20 ceramic shi shi    p56-$10 dog of paper mache with flocking

paper17.jpg (19726 bytes)

p57-$30 Chinese shi shi        p58-$30 Chinese shi shi

paper18.jpg (20627 bytes)

p59-$20 Chinese monkey        p60-$30 Chinese shi shi

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