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      Pleated Jacket Back of Jacket  Jacket in Japanese fabric Jacket in Batik fabric Back of Jacket      Jacket or Blouse Back of Blouse

                       Cocoon                              Flange Jacket                           Ohara Jacket

Japanese vest        Japanese Kimono Jacket          Back of vestLong vest front              Coat or Vest

Chanchanko               Kimono Art                 Long Vest/Cape/Coat        Quarter Coat

Click on pattern name below to see a sketch and description of each

1901 Quarter Coat $12 - 2509 Ohara Jacket $10
1902 Kimono Art $12 - 2601 Long Vest/Cape/Coat $14
1904 Cocoon $10 - 2701 Origami Jacket/Blouse $12
2005 Mompe Pants $8 - 9502 Flange Jacket $12
2006 Chanchanko Vest $8 -      

Shipping costs: $2 for one pattern; $4 for any number greater than one pattern for non-business customers

                               PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS       or       COMMUNICATE WITH US

PATTERN SIZING: All of our sewing patterns (jackets, blouses, pants and vests) are sized using the standard measurements for the garment industry in the United States. This sizing is commonly called Seventh Avenue Sizing. All patterns are multi-sized but some patterns are not graded up to XXXL. Please see the diagrams and description that includes sizing for each pattern by clicking on the name of the pattern in the table above.

S  6-8 34.5-35.5 in 26-27 in 37-38 in
M  10-12 36.5-38 in 28-29.5 in 39.40.5 in
L  14-16 39.5-41 in 31-32.5 in 42-43.5 in
XL  18-20 43-45 in 34.5-36.5 in 45.5-47.5 in
XXL  22-24 48-50 in 38-40 in 49-51 in
XXXL  26-28 52-54 in 42-44 in 53-55 in

These  Japanese style clothing patterns are unique, comfortable to wear and easy to sew.   They look great in both casual and dressy fabrics.  They also lend themselves to a wide range of embellishment techniques.        


The kimono in the quilt is one from PACIFIC RIM PATTERNS.  Carol used meisen (Japanese for silk ikat) for the kimono and the two panels.  Meisen is made by first dying the thread, knowing exactly where the dye lies on that thread and then weaving the thread to get a watercolor effect.  The process of making meisen was at its peak about 1925 and none has been made since 1950.  We have a supply of both meisen and the kimono pattern.  For $12 (includes shipping within the USA and Canada), we will send both the pattern and a small piece of meisen.

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